Friday, December 19, 2008

Haikus from the Dark Side of the World

Bleeting call to pray’r,

Arab herd rushes to drink,

Slaking thirst on fire.

* * *

Sun stares, muslim glares,

Gardens of sand harvest hate.

Choke, vomit; jihad.

* * *

Stifling heat, raging street,

Shrieks, howls, fists at the sun!

Cold slap of JDAM.

* * *

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Haiku: There are no liberals on the front lines

(Photo by me)

Front lines of a distant war.

Only liberal among us,

Newspaper in a care package.
* * *

Haiku: Obama's PTA

Public school cesspool,

Private school for kids of mine.

No vouchers for you.
* * *

(Re) Definition of Terms II

Here's the way the political spectrum should look:

<-Communist - Socialist - Moderate - Conservative - Libertarian->

<-Totalitarianism ---Security--- / ---Freedom---- Anarchy->

Under the Social Contract Theory (remember Hobbes and Locke from high school history? Not if you went to school lately), societies are a compromise between individual freedoms and collective security. The Left leans towards security, the Right leans towards freedoms. And yet Leftists call themselves "liberals." Why is that? Let's ask a god of the godless Left:

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

Aha! Thanks mainstream media!

Note: I reversed the left/right spectrum from the previous posting, so that the Left is on the left and the Right is on the right. Also, liberals like to see it as a timeline, with conservatives dragging society backward and progressives leading the charge forward into the bright future of a brave new world. What a load of crap. Progressives will actually take us into the stagnation of socialism (didn't everyone just love living in the Soviet Union?), so they can have the backsliding end of the timeline for a change!

Monday, December 15, 2008

(Re) Definition of Terms

The purpose of this blog, The Insurgent Conservative, is to give me a place to vent about politics in America and events worldwide, usually after drinking way too much coffee. I just had some so let's get started:

<- Reactionary-Conservative-Moderate-Liberal-Progressive->

That's how I first saw these terms explained as a kid looking at a blackboard in school. It is meant to be viewed not just as a spectrum, but as a timeline. Reactionaries and Conservatives want to drag society back to all the injustices of history so that elite robber barons and imperialists can extract wealth and power from the masses. Any individuals who support this viewpoint do so because they benefit from this power structure, or because they are afraid of change. Liberals and Progressives, on the other hand, seek to empower the common man through government action and protect him from future injustices, ultimately bringing about a utopian paradise on earth. So who do you want to be (*nudge-nudge*)?

The political Left (which includes most teachers and almost all professors in the USA) usually frame the debate in this way. The common acceptance of the inherently biased terms "liberal" and "progressive" in regards to the political left speaks volumes to their stranglehold on thought in Western society, at least during the formative years of most peoples' lives.

Sadly, most people do not evolve.

I reject the application of the terms "liberal" and "progressive" to the political Left in America. I judge people based on their actions, not their words. I think the terms "Socialist" and "Communist" are more accurate. We'll explore.

The difference between a socialist and a communist is, the former puts a gun to your head as he robs you of your property and freedom.

The latter then pulls the trigger.